• Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is a previously owned or used engine an option?
  • How reliable is a engine after rebuilding?  
  • What is the cost of having an engine rebuilt & installed in my vehicle?
  • What does the warranty cover? 
  • Do you work on Classic Cars?
  • How long does it take to have my engine rebuilt ?
  • Why choose Tampa Bay Engine Shop?


Q.  Is a previously owned or used engine an option?

A.  A used or salvage engine is an option, but it is a risky one. Used engines come from vehicles that may have been wrecked or just not safe to be driven on the streets any more. A used engine may have many miles on it. You do not know the condition of the engine. Most used engines only carry a 30 day parts only warranty. It is an option that may initially save you money, but could cost alot more if it fails after a few months. 



Q.  How reliable is an engine after rebuilding?


A.  They are very reliable.  When engine manufacturers learn of faulty or prematurly wearing parts, they re-design and manufacture a better part. We only use the newest updated parts on every engine we rebuild. All of the parts we use meet or exceed the original manufacterers specifications. With proper maintenance they can last longer than the original engine did.  



Q. What is the cost of having an engine rebuilt & installed in my vehicle?


A.  All engines vary depending on year, make, model  and engine size. Please Contact Us and we will be happy to give you a quote. 



Q.  What does the warranty cover?

A.  We include up to a 5 yr warranty, covering parts and labor. For more information about this warranty give us a call.



Q.  Do you work on Classic Cars?

A.  Yes we do. We have rebuilt engines in cars as old as 1929. We rebuild engines in older and classics to keep "numbers matching" engines in the vehicle, and to keep that original vehicle "original". We can rebuild and repair most any engine, about any year. Contact Us for details. We also offer engine compartment cleaning, detailing, and painting.


Q.  How long does it take to have my engine rebuilt?

A.  It usually about 1 to 2 weeks depending on application.


Q. Why choose Tampa Bay Engine Shop?


A.  Several reasons.

    1. Experience.  We have over 20 years experience rebuilding engines. We are profesional and we will always treat your vehicle as our own. 

    2. Convenient.  We are located right here in Tampa, close to Clearwater and St Pete. You have one location providing both the rebuild and installation. (no finger pointing if there is ever a problem)

    3. Price.  We are not the "cheapest" but we make every effort to keep prices as low as possible. 

    4. Warranty. Our warranty surpasses most in the area !

    5. Quality. We only use the Top of the Line parts (fel-pro, melling, hasting, sealed power, clevite etc.).  All engine parts are throughly cleaned, inspected and remanufactured to factory specifications. When installing an engine we inspect all other systems, cooling,starting,  charging, fuel, egr, pcv system and all other systems and components.  

    6. Personal Service. We will always talk with you about any repair, and explain everything that is being done. We will always notify you if any additional repairs are needed. We will never perform a repair without your approval. We will never use used or salvaged parts without your request or prior approval.