Danielle Thomas 2005 Scion Xb
I just had my engine rebuilt in my 2005 scion xb and it is driving better than ever!
 The people there are great and honest..
I would recommend anyone needing engine work to go there! Awesome place!

Richard M. 2004  Durango 4.7
   Had it at another shop that was way overcharging me, Ray brought it to his shop, rebuilt it,
 and was able to get me back over $900.00  back from the other shop for repairs they never did.
Thanks For Everything!!

Chuck T 2000 F150 4.2
   Good work, Good people. Ray takes pride in his work.
You can't ask for anything more from a business.

Karen B. 2002 Sebring 2.7
   They did an excellent job. Engine has never run this good.
 I will recommend them to anyone that needs engine repairs.
 They rebuilt my engine, gave me a 3 year warranty, and did it all
for over $1000 less than anyone else.

Fran B. 2005 Kia 3.5
   The guys at Tampa Engine Shop completed my rebuild in 1 1/2 weeks.
Very fast turnaround! Car runs great. thanks.

Anthony R. 2000 Blazer 4.3
   They rebuilt my engine, and installed a bigger camshaft. Repaired my cylinder head for alot less than buying another one.
Runs great and have had no issues. If i have any questions, Ray is always helpful and takes the time to answer all my questions.

Danny M.  1992 5.7 lt1 350
   Brought Ray the engine and he rebuilt it, also installed performance cam
and set up motor ready to install. Thanks great job.

Mike C. 2003 Ford Expedition 4.6
   They rebuilt my engine, installed alot of new parts, waterpump, hoses, belt, wires, etc. Still kept in under what the other guys wanted
for just a straight rebuild!

Bob S. 2008 Dodge Pu. 5.7 Hemi
  Engine was locked, dealer wanted to install new engine. Ray rebuilt my engine, warrantied it for 3 years.
 Installed and warrantied, total job under 3800.00. Saved me over 4000.00 from dealer estimate!

William O. 2004 Ranger 3.0
  These guys did a great and fast job. Rebuilt in 9 days! Back on the road and truck runs better than new.
When you need an engine rebuilt give these guys a call.